What would it take?


‘Intention’, we all hear/read about intention but in my personal experience it takes only this to set life in motion, to take a new direction. It was only really about a year ago that I had already decided to come to Argentina for a month, but on a chance conversation with a complete stranger who offered that ‘one month is not long enough’ and ‘what would it take’ to go for longer, that the seed was planted. Brig_perspec_logo [Continue reading]

Wishing you a fabulous 2014!


What's on your bucket list for 2014? … [Continue reading]

Feliz Navidad!

sand xmas tree

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Dance, Barcelona & Palermo


One of the things I want to do in Europe is dance, in BsAs I had the opportunity to dance with people from all over the world .... so now I'm travelling and want to do the same. In Barcelona I went to Club Pipa Milonga .... a little tricky to find … [Continue reading]

Los Hongos


It is autumn and one of fall's most delicious bounties is the mushroom! I was impressed by the variety of mushrooms in Mercat de la Boqueria but when I visited Mercat de Santa Caterina I was blown away by the freshness, large sizes and even bigger … [Continue reading]

A Taste!


There is no shortage of things to try/taste here so this is a little shot of my first experiences! These fruit jellies .... OMG! A serious burst of flavour, made with real fruit ... the flavours were amazing, passion fruit, lemon, mojito, cherry … [Continue reading]



Well, on this part of the journey I'm not solo ... my friend and fellow Broad Abroad, Kathryn is traveling with. We've been in Barcelona for three days ... recovering/adjusting to the time difference and doing a lot of walking! A pic of me in Plaça … [Continue reading]

These shoes were ‘not’ made for walking!


This pair of flats has served me well, for almost two years, however in the sidewalks and cobblestones of Buenos Aires they met their end! The sidewalks are made with tiles or blocks and they seem to be in a constant cycle of repair. Some of the … [Continue reading]

El Cabaceo


At home the 'Cabaceo' is relaxed, you know almost everyone and everyone wants to dance .... It's easy. What is it? Literally, a nod of the head ... the non-verbal agreement to dance, which in it's definition appears simple .... in reality, not so … [Continue reading]

Cementario De La Chacarita


Chacarita cemetary was begun in 1887 and is the largest in the country, it is also the resting place for many of the countries artistic community ... the place is huge, believe me! I was looking for a specific tomb but had no idea where it might be … [Continue reading]

Alfajores and other snacks


You can't not try these .... well I guess you can but why not? I think I wrote in another post Argentines reportedly eat 7 million a day, yes, a day! Why? Cause there awesome! Seriously! Well, O.K. the packaged ones aren't as good as the ones … [Continue reading]