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Feria Matederos


I spent an awesome Sunday with new friends at the country fair, well not really the country it was still in the city but away from the center and with a country feel. A lot of what we did was eat, and the food was great! Appies, tamales, sweet and … [Read more...]


One of the biggest, most powerful and most recent influences in my life has been a book, and for someone that doesn't read much that's big, one written 2500 years ago, well based on that one and with some more contemporary relevance. It is the Tao, … [Read more...]


You would have to be completely oblivious not to notice how crazy people are for the game here or know who Messi is! And yesterday, March 22, was a big game. Argentina vs Venezuela for a spot in the World Cup. I saw a bit of the game on TV early … [Read more...]

Cementario de la Recoleta


I live in Barrio Norte, just a few blocks from the cemetery. If you've been to Havana or New Orleans this cemetery is like those with an upgrade! It is literally like a mini city with streets lined with mini mansions and impressive statuary. The … [Read more...]

Salsa in BA


Sooooo Salsa in BA, how will it be? Went to a class at the Centro Cultural Borges, the instructor was so much fun! I will return for sure, I think he was impressed that a women from Canada could dance Salas at all, he just kept saying 'suave, suave' … [Read more...]


You know there will be some ..... so far, getting crazy lost and turned around. Feeling the zipper on my pack start to be opened .... I totally noticed and the guy stopped and quickly walked in front of me, so I ruffled up his backpack, he muttered … [Read more...]

Tango Life


In Buenos Aires So the thing that got me here in the first place 'Tango', well — I've been dancing! El Beso, Sunday was pretty formal and a bit intimidating. I went again on Monday and it was a lot more relaxed, more like home! The Centro Cultural … [Read more...]

Floralis Genérica sculpture


Still walking and enjoying the beautiful sunshine and landscapes. … [Read more...]

Walking The City


I love to walk and wander, not with any particular destination just to observe life. Yesterday I headed out in a different direction toward a park on my map, Parque Las Heras. The streets were quiet and I made my way, have I mentioned how great the … [Read more...]

Septima Cab Sauv

I haven't been here long, but long enough to have sampled some wine! Ohhhh it's good! And do we ever pay a lot for wine in Canada. This was the first bottle of many, I am thinking, and if the rest are anything like this Cabernet Sauvignon the … [Read more...]