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Clase de Cocina


The Argentine Experience is billed as a cooking class, and although I didn't actually 'cook' anything it was a terrific evening! We started off with a welcome cocktail and a chance to meet a few of our fellow dinner guests, a honeymoon couple from … [Read more...]

Colonia del Sacramento


A friend at Spanish school said she was going to Colonia on the weekend 'would I be interested in going with her?'. Yes! Uruguay is on my list and it's nice to have company! Colonia lies across the Rio de la Plata from BsAs and is a one hour fast … [Read more...]

BsAs Market


This market is held on a Saturday & Sunday at a different location in the city once a month, and from the size of the crowd it could easily be once a week! I went on Sunday and should have gone earlier. There were so many people you couldn't even … [Read more...]

El Pisto


Everyday I walk past the fruit and vegetable stands or through the mercado and see wonderful varieties of fresh eggplant and zucchini. I want to make something with them, what? My Internet search leads me to ratatouille, or in Spanish el pisto. … [Read more...]

graffitimundo bike tour


I came across this bike tour on the Internet, but later saw it in my lonely planet guide, offered by Biking Buenos Aires. They also offer the usual city tours, but all on 'bici' or bicycle. This sounded too different and interesting to pass up so I … [Read more...]

¡Tango Repair!


I've only been studying Tango for about 1 1/2 years and there are many things I want to improve about my dancing as well as there being many more things to learn. This is one of the big reasons I came to BsAs, to improve my social dancing. I began … [Read more...]

Jardin Botánico Carlos Thays


I figure I have about 20 more weekends to explore BA, so I've decided to be a little more pro active especially as far as outdoor sites are concerned. I can go to museums on rainy days. Sunday was a beautiful day. The weather has changed and the … [Read more...]

Semana Santa


The Easter Weekend/Week was six days this year, there was a national holiday, Malvinas Day (Falklans Islands), tacked on as well. People get a lot of holidays here, it seems like at least two a month! My goodness the city emptied out, I could … [Read more...]