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I haven't reported on my dancing lately ..... but I have been dancing! My foot is still killing me, but ice and ibuprofen help a lot! It's taken me awhile to find my confidence .... lots of floor time, and frequenting the same places helps a great … [Read more...]

My New Departemento


If you've read one of my first posts you'll know that I rented an apartment on the Internet before I came to BsAs, but only for one month. I had some doubts/fears about the whole process! However, the agency I used,, was … [Read more...]

Outdoor Adventure


On my trip to Mendoza I wanted to experience a bit of the outdoors as well as the wine. My first day there, which happened to have the best weather for being outside, I did some kayaking and horseback riding. My guide Tony and I just getting … [Read more...]