Los Hongos


It is autumn and one of fall's most delicious bounties is the mushroom! I was impressed by the variety of mushrooms in Mercat de la Boqueria but when I visited Mercat de Santa Caterina I was blown away by the freshness, large sizes and even bigger … [Read more...]

A Taste!


There is no shortage of things to try/taste here so this is a little shot of my first experiences! These fruit jellies .... OMG! A serious burst of flavour, made with real fruit ... the flavours were amazing, passion fruit, lemon, mojito, cherry … [Read more...]

Alfajores and other snacks


You can't not try these .... well I guess you can but why not? I think I wrote in another post Argentines reportedly eat 7 million a day, yes, a day! Why? Cause there awesome! Seriously! Well, O.K. the packaged ones aren't as good as the ones … [Read more...]

Luján De Cuyo


My second day of wine tasting is in the area known as 'the cradle of Malbec'. We travel south of Mendoza city to Luján de Cuyo. The day started off surprisingly cool and foggy, but perfect weather for visiting bodegas. First stop of the day, … [Read more...]

Clase de Cocina


The Argentine Experience is billed as a cooking class, and although I didn't actually 'cook' anything it was a terrific evening! We started off with a welcome cocktail and a chance to meet a few of our fellow dinner guests, a honeymoon couple from … [Read more...]

BsAs Market


This market is held on a Saturday & Sunday at a different location in the city once a month, and from the size of the crowd it could easily be once a week! I went on Sunday and should have gone earlier. There were so many people you couldn't even … [Read more...]

El Pisto


Everyday I walk past the fruit and vegetable stands or through the mercado and see wonderful varieties of fresh eggplant and zucchini. I want to make something with them, what? My Internet search leads me to ratatouille, or in Spanish el pisto. … [Read more...]

Feria Matederos


I spent an awesome Sunday with new friends at the country fair, well not really the country it was still in the city but away from the center and with a country feel. A lot of what we did was eat, and the food was great! Appies, tamales, sweet and … [Read more...]