Wishing you a fabulous 2014!


What's on your bucket list for 2014? … [Read more...]

Feliz Navidad!

sand xmas tree

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A Taste!


There is no shortage of things to try/taste here so this is a little shot of my first experiences! These fruit jellies .... OMG! A serious burst of flavour, made with real fruit ... the flavours were amazing, passion fruit, lemon, mojito, cherry … [Read more...]

Cementario De La Chacarita


Chacarita cemetary was begun in 1887 and is the largest in the country, it is also the resting place for many of the countries artistic community ... the place is huge, believe me! I was looking for a specific tomb but had no idea where it might be … [Read more...]

“After A While”

My Spanish teacher and precious new friend shared this poem with me ..... I felt I needed to share it as well. I have met such wonderful people on this adventure and connected with some in a truly deep and profound way, but saying goodbye .... that … [Read more...]


Last night I went to dance ..... it's often what I do here! My Spanish teacher invited me to see her Tango teachers perform at La Viruta and since she is more of a beginner at Tango than I am and needs some support and encouragement I was more than … [Read more...]

Holstee Manifesto video

WOW! I arrived home cold and hungry, turned on the television and started to make something to eat ..... a local channel 'Ciudad Abierta' was interviewing a man about the power of photographic images when they showed this video with Spanish … [Read more...]