Getting Around


Buenos Aires is a big city .... and some days the traffic is unbelievable, but compared with home it's super cheap to get around. I figured out the Subte as soon as I got here and taking a Taxi is natural, you just stand on the corner and put your … [Read more...]

Colonia otra vez


Why go to Colonia again, you ask? Because you, by that I mean myself, a Canadian, can only stay in Argentina for 90 days. If you overstay your visit you are in for a lengthy 'interview' and fine when you do decide to leave. It's more or less a … [Read more...]

On My Way!


Woa! Six weeks of intense preparation are finally at an end and I'm on my way to adventure! Really looking forward to everything being different and the challenge that presents .... How do I make a phone call? Where do I get groceries, what's in the … [Read more...]

Bye Bye Kitty


Ohhhh Oona, my goodness I miss you already, and if I could have brought you with I'd have done it in a heartbeat! However, my very practical side knows that would have been a complete disaster, you hate change! So I can only hope that being in your … [Read more...]

Store Your Life


My storage crate! It was a little challenging but all my worldly possessions are inside. After six weeks of purging and organizing and cleaning, this big piece of my adventure puzzle is on it's way to the warehouse. Will I remember what's in there? … [Read more...]