These shoes were ‘not’ made for walking!


This pair of flats has served me well, for almost two years, however in the sidewalks and cobblestones of Buenos Aires they met their end! The sidewalks are made with tiles or blocks and they seem to be in a constant cycle of repair. Some of the … [Read more...]

Cementario De La Chacarita


Chacarita cemetary was begun in 1887 and is the largest in the country, it is also the resting place for many of the countries artistic community ... the place is huge, believe me! I was looking for a specific tomb but had no idea where it might be … [Read more...]

Getting Around


Buenos Aires is a big city .... and some days the traffic is unbelievable, but compared with home it's super cheap to get around. I figured out the Subte as soon as I got here and taking a Taxi is natural, you just stand on the corner and put your … [Read more...]

Colonia otra vez


Why go to Colonia again, you ask? Because you, by that I mean myself, a Canadian, can only stay in Argentina for 90 days. If you overstay your visit you are in for a lengthy 'interview' and fine when you do decide to leave. It's more or less a … [Read more...]

Raúl Soldi


O.K. ..... Well this is a picture of me in the garden of the Church of Santa Ana in Glew, Buenos Aires Province, but this post is about the work of artist Raúl Soldi. I'll get to the church and it will all make sense in a minute! I had no idea who … [Read more...]

Teatro Colón


Construction of Teatro Colón began in 1880 and was completed in 1908. The theatre is a land mark, world class facility and magnificent example of the architecture and design of the 'Belle Époque'. When you step into the foyer you are physically … [Read more...]

Outdoor Adventure


On my trip to Mendoza I wanted to experience a bit of the outdoors as well as the wine. My first day there, which happened to have the best weather for being outside, I did some kayaking and horseback riding. My guide Tony and I just getting … [Read more...]

Luján De Cuyo


My second day of wine tasting is in the area known as 'the cradle of Malbec'. We travel south of Mendoza city to Luján de Cuyo. The day started off surprisingly cool and foggy, but perfect weather for visiting bodegas. First stop of the day, … [Read more...]

Valle De Uco


I've come to Argentina 'the land of Malbec' so there is now way I am going home without a trip to wine country, Mendoza. I met a man at Tango who has a travel company there and he planned an amazing itinerary for me, My guide … [Read more...]

Colonia del Sacramento


A friend at Spanish school said she was going to Colonia on the weekend 'would I be interested in going with her?'. Yes! Uruguay is on my list and it's nice to have company! Colonia lies across the Rio de la Plata from BsAs and is a one hour fast … [Read more...]