These shoes were ‘not’ made for walking!


This pair of flats has served me well, for almost two years, however in the sidewalks and cobblestones of Buenos Aires they met their end! The sidewalks are made with tiles or blocks and they seem to be in a constant cycle of repair. Some of the … [Read more...]

Cementario De La Chacarita


Chacarita cemetary was begun in 1887 and is the largest in the country, it is also the resting place for many of the countries artistic community ... the place is huge, believe me! I was looking for a specific tomb but had no idea where it might be … [Read more...]

Getting Around


Buenos Aires is a big city .... and some days the traffic is unbelievable, but compared with home it's super cheap to get around. I figured out the Subte as soon as I got here and taking a Taxi is natural, you just stand on the corner and put your … [Read more...]

Colonia otra vez


Why go to Colonia again, you ask? Because you, by that I mean myself, a Canadian, can only stay in Argentina for 90 days. If you overstay your visit you are in for a lengthy 'interview' and fine when you do decide to leave. It's more or less a … [Read more...]

Teatro Colón


Construction of Teatro Colón began in 1880 and was completed in 1908. The theatre is a land mark, world class facility and magnificent example of the architecture and design of the 'Belle Époque'. When you step into the foyer you are physically … [Read more...]

Jardin Botánico Carlos Thays


I figure I have about 20 more weekends to explore BA, so I've decided to be a little more pro active especially as far as outdoor sites are concerned. I can go to museums on rainy days. Sunday was a beautiful day. The weather has changed and the … [Read more...]

Cementario de la Recoleta


I live in Barrio Norte, just a few blocks from the cemetery. If you've been to Havana or New Orleans this cemetery is like those with an upgrade! It is literally like a mini city with streets lined with mini mansions and impressive statuary. The … [Read more...]


You know there will be some ..... so far, getting crazy lost and turned around. Feeling the zipper on my pack start to be opened .... I totally noticed and the guy stopped and quickly walked in front of me, so I ruffled up his backpack, he muttered … [Read more...]

Floralis Genérica sculpture


Still walking and enjoying the beautiful sunshine and landscapes. … [Read more...]

Walking The City


I love to walk and wander, not with any particular destination just to observe life. Yesterday I headed out in a different direction toward a park on my map, Parque Las Heras. The streets were quiet and I made my way, have I mentioned how great the … [Read more...]