El Cabaceo

At home the ‘Cabaceo’ is relaxed, you know almost everyone and everyone wants to dance …. It’s easy. What is it? Literally, a nod of the head … the non-verbal agreement to dance, which in it’s definition appears simple …. in reality, not so much, there are subtleties and nuances that only come to light when you are in the Milonga! When I arrived …. six and a half months ago I was bright green, but I’ve learned … not sure I will ever be awesome at the Cabaceo, but I’m dancing! I am dancing well and I am dancing a lot! It has taken time, effort, lessons and starting over to get to this place …. but ohhhhhh what a fabulous place it is! I’ve mistaken the Cabaceo and felt a little stupid standing up for a dance that wasn’t mine, many times it is difficult to see across a dimly lit room and be sure that it is indeed me being asked to dance ….. however, the best was just last week when two men cabaceoed at the same time, awesome! And last night I danced with a man I had danced with when I first arrived … he is the solemn, melancholic kind that doesn’t dance with many women …. in our first dance he was clearly disappointed in my lack of experience, anoche a different story … a wonderful tanda followed by another later on …. and the best part, a genuine smile of pleasure …. my best work yet!

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