So it’s late summer here and the mercados big and small are full of fresh, local in season produce! I’m in heaven, I’ve had amazing pears, peaches, grapes, ohhhh the avocados, tomatoes, peppers, I think that’s it, oh apples, old habits die hard. I’ve been making most of my meals at home, it’s more affordable and there is a lot of really really white bread and pastry on things, that isn’t making points with me. I am looking forward to a Parilla, mixed grill restaurant, I’ve got time. Ohhh, did I mention the butter, do I want some bread with that?


Yes folks, that’s Dolce De Leche in the mercado, a whole section for your pleasure!


A pic of the best crackers ever, especially with a schwack of butter!

And awesome chocolate, this piece was 38 pesos, about 8 bucks but worth it! It is soooooo good, I haven’t found any good stuff in the mercados. Also found a French bakery, no pics, I ate it all on the way home! Brioche and croissant were amazing!

Sorry, no food stylist here, and the photo was a bit of an afterthought! My first piece of Argentine beef! Man it was good! I’ve worked in some of the best kitchens with world class chefs and fabulous ingredients and this beef ‘cuts it’, tender, flavourful & satisfying! I’ll be back for more!

Walking through the street markets you catch this sweet delicious smell wafting through the air, one of the things being made and sold is this corn. I’m still not sure what the name is but it’s like hominy and popped with a touch of sweet and salty, I love popcorn so it’s a no brainer! They sell popcorn as well and usually have a small copper bowl they make candied peanuts in, Yuuuuuum! A bag of warm candied peanuts, heaven! The peanuts here are smaller and very tasty, I don’t have a picture cause I ate them all!

As promised, a photo of the brioche and 1/2 miche from L’epi Boulangerie. The brioche is fabulous, the bread still on the white side for me, but good, and it made really good toast when it became stale!

La cena! My goodness the beef really is good here, someone from Canada said it reminds them of the grassfed beef we ate as children, and I have to agree! No, I didn’t eat all that butter ….. but I wanted to!

Zapallitos Redondo, little round zucchini. They are really good, I sautéed them with other vegetables and thoroughly enjoyed them. I saw them in the market but wasn’t exactly sure what they were, once my friend explained I was all over them!

I miss my cat, I miss my friends, I miss peanut butter! This is peanut butter in Argentina, made in Argentina! Not exactly the same but it works, and the great peanuts they have here.