Getting Around


Buenos Aires is a big city .... and some days the traffic is unbelievable, but compared with home it's super cheap to get around. I figured out the Subte as soon as I got here and taking a Taxi is natural, you just stand on the corner and put your … [Continue reading]

No Te Salves

Clearly, I'm feeling a little sentimental about leaving Argentina ... I still have so many other posts to write, and great photos ... but being inspired jumps the que, this time anyway! … [Continue reading]

“After A While”

My Spanish teacher and precious new friend shared this poem with me ..... I felt I needed to share it as well. I have met such wonderful people on this adventure and connected with some in a truly deep and profound way, but saying goodbye .... that … [Continue reading]


Last night I went to dance ..... it's often what I do here! My Spanish teacher invited me to see her Tango teachers perform at La Viruta and since she is more of a beginner at Tango than I am and needs some support and encouragement I was more than … [Continue reading]

Holstee Manifesto video

WOW! I arrived home cold and hungry, turned on the television and started to make something to eat ..... a local channel 'Ciudad Abierta' was interviewing a man about the power of photographic images when they showed this video with Spanish … [Continue reading]

Colonia otra vez


Why go to Colonia again, you ask? Because you, by that I mean myself, a Canadian, can only stay in Argentina for 90 days. If you overstay your visit you are in for a lengthy 'interview' and fine when you do decide to leave. It's more or less a … [Continue reading]

Raúl Soldi


O.K. ..... Well this is a picture of me in the garden of the Church of Santa Ana in Glew, Buenos Aires Province, but this post is about the work of artist Raúl Soldi. I'll get to the church and it will all make sense in a minute! I had no idea who … [Continue reading]

Teatro Colón


Construction of Teatro Colón began in 1880 and was completed in 1908. The theatre is a land mark, world class facility and magnificent example of the architecture and design of the 'Belle Époque'. When you step into the foyer you are physically … [Continue reading]



I haven't reported on my dancing lately ..... but I have been dancing! My foot is still killing me, but ice and ibuprofen help a lot! It's taken me awhile to find my confidence .... lots of floor time, and frequenting the same places helps a great … [Continue reading]

My New Departemento


If you've read one of my first posts you'll know that I rented an apartment on the Internet before I came to BsAs, but only for one month. I had some doubts/fears about the whole process! However, the agency I used,, was … [Continue reading]