Salsa in BA


Sooooo Salsa in BA, how will it be? Went to a class at the Centro Cultural Borges, the instructor was so much fun! I will return for sure, I think he was impressed that a women from Canada could dance Salas at all, he just kept saying 'suave, suave' … [Read more...]

Floralis Genérica sculpture


Still walking and enjoying the beautiful sunshine and landscapes. … [Read more...]

Walking The City


I love to walk and wander, not with any particular destination just to observe life. Yesterday I headed out in a different direction toward a park on my map, Parque Las Heras. The streets were quiet and I made my way, have I mentioned how great the … [Read more...]

Mi Apartamento


O.K. so renting an apartment in BA from Canada on the Internet is a little scary, not gonna lie! Will it be there when I arrive? Will it look like the one I saw on the Internet? Will I have to scramble to find a place because I got scammed and lost … [Read more...]