These shoes were ‘not’ made for walking!

This pair of flats has served me well, for almost two years, however in the sidewalks and cobblestones of Buenos Aires they met their end! The sidewalks are made with tiles or blocks and they seem to be in a constant cycle of repair.

Some of the tiles are beautiful! But the drainage systems appear to be installed right beneath the tiles …. they are being laid and relaid all the time.

Sometimes, there are pieces of wood or tape or a barricade to keep you from falling into the holes …. but most of the time, nothing! I saw an older gentleman fall on a sidewalk and I can’t even tell you how many times I almost tripped. And so that takes me back to my poor shoes, the little wedge heels literally broke in several places from being twisted as I walked on the uneven surface. Avoiding dog poo is another hazard, in my entire time in BsAs I managed to only step in it once, ¡dios mio! I left my shoes in the garbage, they never made it back to Canada!

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