What would it take?

‘Intention’, we all hear/read about intention but in my personal experience it takes only this to set life in motion, to take a new direction. It was only really about a year ago that I had already decided to come to Argentina for a month, but on a chance conversation with a complete stranger who offered that ‘one month is not long enough’ and ‘what would it take’ to go for longer, that the seed was planted. Brig_perspec_logoAnd so, not to do things half way – as is often the case in my life, I’m ‘all in.’ I’m here or somewhere different for a lot longer than a month and with the intention of having an amazing, inspiring and potentially life changing adventure!



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  1. Let me be the first to comment and say what it would take: whatever you’ve got! Have a marvelous trip, and don’t forget us.

  2. I was in Cuba when you had your wave goodbye; sorry I missed that. What a great adventure you have set out on; dancing in the Mecca of Tango, learning enough Spanish to keep you out of Jail, tolerating the ongoing winter (it is winter there isn’t it?). Everything new and demanding attention!! All the very best ! I look forward to reading your tale of Tango. Big Cheers,

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